In 2001 Ruth was again installed at the Tate Gallery performing works composed by Graham Fitkin and inspired by the work of Bryan Wynter.

The music involved both natural and manufactured sounds, predominantly the sounds of the harp and of water. Sometimes these sources are very evident, and at other times Fitkin’s use of ring modulation and stereo delay alter the sound to such an extent that the initial characteristics are difficult to perceive. Specific music was carefully timed to be heard in particular rooms in the gallery which were exhibiting Wynter’s work.

As Ruth performed live in the main gallery music from other areas were set to feed through into the live performance, creating a real three dimensional sound world.

Graham was intrigued by specific elements of Wynter’s work and incorporated these into the music – a concern with man’s relationship to nature, Wynter’s use of three dimensional space, his affinity with water and his use of chance procedures.