George Kaplan is the central character in Hitchcock’s film North By Northwest. And yet he doesn’t exist.

The idea that George Kaplan existed outside the original film began to fester in composer Graham Fitkin’s mind and inspired a musical and visual performance involving two live musicians and video.

For 63 minutes Ruth and Graham perform in front of a large screen on to which the video is projected. Unlike many audio-visual performances in which the music is subservient to the other media the performance is driven by the music and its inherent structure and tension.  On 9 June 2011 KAPLAN was featured in the BBC Concert Orchestra’s Electronica Series at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London. The new arrangement involves Ruth on keyboard and harp, Graham on keyboard and moog, the BBC concert orchestra, Charles Hazlewood, John Lunn on bass and Will Gregory on moog.  For more information on Kaplan or to purchase the CD please go to www.fitkin.com